The products consist of a 2 mm thick core made of carbon fiber embedded in a thermoset matrix and a wear layer of polyurethane, which is reinforced with aramid fibers. This ensures minimal abrasion. The lifetime is 5-6 weeks.

Technical Specifications


Approximately 61 grams


Carbon fiber (2mm)


Polycarbonat with Aramid


Hot-pressing method, respectively injection


4 sizes according to size table


Cold fitting analogy horseshoes from alternative materials (eg aluminum)


 >  Weight reduction of 50% compared to aluminum horseshoes
 >  High elasticity
 >  Optimal movement

Sizes Table


front hoof

back hoof

in mm  X

in mm  Y

in mm X

in mm Y





















width, Y = length


The special design of front- and back hoof guarantees optimum grip, reduces the sink-in depth and reduces dirt absorption which also leads to energy savings.

Product Philosophy

horseshoeing made of carbon ...
 ... faster and better

Worldwide sports and racing horses are currently shod with materials from aluminum and / or iron. This procedure has been proven for centuries and no one seriously thought about optimising the horseshoe in consideration of mass and acceleration in combination with other qualitative considerations such as the maximization of the horseshoes lifespan, reducing stress on joints, etc.
The Winner AG has taken the task and qualitatively investigated all physical- and medical related influencing factors, and we have come to the conclusion that our newly developed carbon horse shoeing brings essential advantages. "Faster and better" is the challenge.

Increasing the speed ...
 ... a matter of physics

«Power is the ability to provide large amounts of energy in a short time available to bring a mass (horse) in a certain time to your destination. If you want to increase the speed, more power is required. However, to increase the speed with the same power, the mass must be reduced.»
The existing energy of a racehorse is needed during a race for the acceleration and deceleration of the total mass, by overcoming swapping winds of the air prior ones, by the deformation of the hoof on the ground and further more.
"The influence of the mass of the foot and hence the energy consumption is about 38 times greater than when the mass would be located on the saddle. The reason is the hoof speed (120km /h), which is squarely in the equation of motion energy» (Newton's 2nd law, Isaac Newton, 1642-1727).
A weight reduction of the horseshoe by 50% (60gr instead 120gr) is equal to an additional saddle weight of 9kg.
This means that on a race distance of 2000m 1.4 seconds can be saved.

The benefits from a medical point of view ...
 ... How to increase the well-being of your horse

In addition to the physical benefits of a lighter horseshoeing the new product has added benefits that arise from a medical- and performance point of view. These are:

 - Less abrasion in contrast to alternative horseshoeing such as iron and aluminum
 - Improved anti-slip properties.
 - Improved attenuation resulting in a smaller load on the tendons and joints.
 - Improved flexibility for natural motion of the hoof. This means energy costs ..
 - Less weight and thus less inertial mass.
 - Optimized movement of the race horse at a gallop.
 - Easier application for horseshoing

The invention ...
 ... The result of intensive research

"faster and better". The issue has occupied highly qualified scientists from the University of Zurich in the fields of physics, veterinary medicine, as well as carbon technology.
The result of this research is a horseshoe which represents a world first in this area. A horseshoe with a carbon core and a wear layer of high-quality composite manufactured by injection molding. The design was also optimized.
Tests and practical application have shown that with less weight (50% weight saving to conventional aluminum horseshoes), better grip, less sink-in depth, and additional medical benefits, a product was invented that really is "faster and better".
The life-span of horseshoes is 4-6 weeks. Shoeing the horse is analogous to the conventional fittings (aluminum, iron, etc.).

Product range

The range consists of two types of models:

 > Carbon Standard

> Carbon with Crystals from Swarovski

Both types are available in all sizes. Pick up your Carbon WINNER horseshoes in our shop. 

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The ease of use when shoeing supports the physical advantages of Carbon-Winner.

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